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Adoption FAQ

What is involved in fostering a dog?

Foster homes are the most critical link in home based rescue. A foster home is responsible for caring for the rescue dog as if it were their own, except without the added expenses! A foster home provides love, exercise, basic training and socialization. Food and vet care is paid for by the rescue.

How long is a fostering committment?

Fostering can be for as short or long as you are able. Short term fosters are helpful when regular fosters go on vacation or in emergency situations. Generally, we won't place a dog with a short term foster if a longer term option is available as it isn't fair to the dog to bounce them around unless absolutely necessary.

What is provided?

The essentials are provided. These include food, collars, leashes, a kennel if needbe, blankets and toys if we have some around. Many foster homes will spoil their guests and this is great! We do ask that foster homes refrain from giving rawhide or chews that are produced in China or other overseas countries as they are linked to many health concerns.

How do you introduce the foster to my dog?

We always like to do an intro to existing dogs before there is a committment. Depending on the temperament of each dog, we may meet to go for a walk to see how the dogs react to each other. We encourage the foster to spoil their own dog with attention in the first few days and allow the new dog to simply settle in. Generally there is a 2-7 day transition where there may be some animosity between the two dogs and this is completely normal. We request foster homes to kennel or separate the dogs when unattended until it is known they will get along.

I live out of town but I'd still like to foster. Is this an option?

At this time, we stick to local fosters only (1 hour from Thuner Bay). With the resources we have, conducting home visits out of town is simply not feasible. Having dogs fostered out of town adds a lot of complications if there are behavioural or health concerns or if it doesn't work out. If you live out of town and are interested in fostering, please contact us and we will direct you to the closest rescue group to your hometown!

Donations are always gratefully appreciated and go toward costs for all dogs currently in care awaiting their forever homes.

Donations also accepted via email money transfer to or
on account at Thunder Bay Veterinary Hospital at 807 623 3531

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